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Under Village Law 2-202 a territory of 500 or more inhabitants may incorporate as a village in New York State, provided that the territory is not already part of a city or village. The territory must contain no more than five square miles at the time of incorporation, although it may be larger in land area if its boundaries are made coterminous with those of a school, fire, improvement or other district, or the entire boundaries of a town.

Under Village Law 18-1804 the boundaires of a village may be diminished, upon petition, by excluding from its corporate limits territory not adjacent to nor benefited by either street or sidewalk improvements, electric lights, sewers, water works system or fire protection, when any of such benefits, improvements or system have been completed in a village.

Under Village Law 18-1806 two or more adjoining villages may be consolidated by adopting a proposition therefor at any election, which may be held in each of such villages on the same day, or on different days, not, however, more than twenty days apart.

Village Law 19-1900 provides that the board of trustees of any village may, and upon a petition of the electors of the village shall, adopt a plan for dissolution and a resolution submitting a proposition for the dissolution of the village.