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NEW YORK STATE CONSOLIDATED LAWS: includes: Town Law, General Municipal Law, Environmental Law, Fincnce Law etc.,

ZONING BOARDS OF APPEALS - Zoning Board of Appeals NYS Department of State (2005) - Guideline to Applicants for Zoning Board of Appeals- NYS Department of State - A More In Depth Look at Use Variances- Ontario County NY

ZONING, PLANNING & VARIANCES: - NYS DOS - Guide to Zoning & Planning laws - ONTARIO COUNTY WEBSITE- TRAINING FOR LOCAL OFFICALS- includes Planning Boards, ZBA, Seqr, Subdivision review standards, site plan review standards etc. - Training for local officials- topics include- public hearings-(how to), land use planning, SEQR, Citizen participation, grants, etc. - ONTARIO COUNTY PLANNING- main webite - NYS Department of State-2006-Guide to Planning and Zoning Laws - NYS Department of State- local goverment Guide - publications......Land use, moratoria, zoning, open space, etc.

SEQR: - Deparment of Environmental Conservation

PACE LAW SCHOOL- Environmental Law Center-

COURTS: - NYS Unified Court System - NYS Law Reporting